Pre Hung Doors

Wuddees has revolutionized the concept & process of door manufacturing to a great extent in India.The whole unit is manufactured in the fully mechanised factory.It can be installed at the site after all the civil,flooring,electrical,plumbing and painting works are completed.

In short,Wuddees pre hung doors have become as significant as the other base materials in a building like Cement,Bricks,Steel etc.

Advantages of Wuddees Pre-hung doors

SL No Conventional Frames & Doors Wuddees Pre Hung Doors
1 Choosing a right timber based on cost & durability. It’s a laminated plywood and treated.
2 Manufacturing difficulties. Factory made.
3 Natural defects like warping,knots etc. Engineered for specific purpose.
4 Installation process in between the different civil works. Installation after all civil,flooring,electrical,plumbing and painting works.
5 Vulnerable to weather conditions & termites. BWR & moisture resistance.
6 Undulation in size. Accuracy achieved till the last mm.
7 Expansion & bulging. Both sides laminated with edge banding.
8 Post installation painting to be done periodically. Hot press laminated,maintenance free.
9 Normal look. Aesthetic appearance.
10 Difficulties in fixing because of uneven finish in civil openings. It can be fixed even with the variations upto 10mm.