Pre Hung Doors


What exactly is a Wuddees “Pre-Hung” door?

A Pre-Hung door is simply a door that is ready to assemble at site.

What does a Wuddees Pre-Hung door consists of?

Pre-Polished or laminated engineered door, jamb & architraves with pre drilled lock hole & hinge rebate.

What are the advantages for a builder/customer if he choose to buy a Wuddees pre-hung door ?

It is a complete Door solution where the customer saves lot of time on carpentry , painting and frame fixing

Are Wuddees Pre-Hung Doors manufactured in a factory?

Yes, Pre-hung doors are manufactured in fully mechanized factory.

Is the Wuddees door jamb better and stronger than the traditional door frame?

Yes, It is better than the tradional door frames.

Will the Wuddees Door Jambs get spoiled by water or exposure to sun rays?

No, Since it is made of BWP & moisture resistance plywood with both sides laminated and 2mm edge banded on all 4 sides.

How do we know the prices.?

You can write to the Company with required BOQ to or call us at +91 9884630004.