Pre Hung Doors

Wuddees Pre-Hung Doors


As a best alternative to the expensive and unpredictable timber frames, the Wuddees Pre-hung doors serve to be a wonderful option. The Wuddees Pre-hung doors are absolutely eco-friendly and they bring a complete solution to all your needs with door shutter integrated in its own frame. The entire unit is factory finished and they come ready to install with no much effort or labor.

The Wuddees Pre-hung doors can be easily maintained. These doors feature Jamb, door shutter and set of front and back architraves.

Perfect Fit

The door jamb of Wuddees Pre-hung doors come with architraves, which are very attractive and offer a rich look to your home. They are very unique from the traditional door frames.

Perfect Fix

An other highlighting factor of the pre-hung doors is, they are fixed and featured, expandable poly-urethane foam to give extra protection against the moisture.

Perfect Finish

The Wuddees Pre-hung doors are factory finished to bring the perfection for the jamb, door and architraves. These doors also feature a wide spectrum of veneers & laminates. Although installation of Wuddees Pre-hung doors can be easily performed with the help of a carpenter, the company also offers free training to the installation team. You are also flexible to hire certified installers from our company, who can make your job simple and easy.

I. Scope:

Wuddees Pre-hung doors are tailor made to suit any door opening at your home or office. They also suit hospital, hotel and other commercial complexes.

II. Construction Materials:

The Wuddees Pre-hung doors are made with timber frame work for rails and stiles. They come with natural single species wooden batons to fill the cores. They are also bonded using thermosetting glue on the hydraulic hot press. Moreover, the adhesive bonded BWR grade plywood is used to make architraves and jambs. In addition to it, waterproof materials are used to manufacture doors for terrace, toilet, balcony and other water prone areas.

III. Type and Size:

The Wuddees door shutters come with both single leaf and double leaf. They are available in thickness varying, 30, 35 and 40mm.

The standard jamb comes in 100 x 35 mm and architraves in 65/60 x 12mm thickness to suit all types of openings, no matter how thick the wall is. The 300 x 35 mm jamb is engineered to cover the thickness of full wall. You can also find various adjustable engineered flexi jambs with up to 300 mm thickness, which can suit different openings in the wall.

The BWR plywood jamb comes with architraves 60 x 10 mm and cross section of 100 x 20mm.

IV. Standardized Civil Opening:

The standardized civil opening can hugely reduce the construction cost. The Wuddees Pre-hung doors featured with standard measurements are best to be used for all types of wall opening while improving the value and giving a good designing flexibility.

Recommended Size of Standard Civil Opening:

  • Main door: 2100 x 1000 mm
  • Bedroom doors: 2100 x 900 mm
  • Utility doors: 2100 x 825 mm
  • Toilet doors: 2100 x 750 mm

Regardless of the above said specifications you can buy Wuddees Pre-hung doors manufactured with single leaf shutter even up to 2350 mm x 1100 mm and 2350 x 2200 mm with the double leaf shutter.

V. Finishing:

These pre-hung doors are also available in different colors and shades such as,

  • Wuddees Rosewood
  • Wuddees Sapheli
  • Wuddees Wenge
  • Wuddees Flowery Teak
  • Wuddees Fabric Brown
  • Wuddees Forest Mahagony
  • Wuddees Frosty White
  • Wuddees Straightline Teak
  • Wuddees Black Zebrona

VI. Installation:

The Wuddees Pre-hung doors can be easily installed. Along with using expandable PU foam to bond with jamb, the anchor fasteners are also fixed to wall to give extra protection and caution.

Conventional Doors/Frames:

Time duration on site - 3 to 6 months

Wuddees Pre-Hung Doors:

Time duration on site - 3 to 6 hours

VII. Maintenance:

The Wuddees Pre-hung doors is absolutely maintenance free.